Oracleにコマンドラインからsqlplus接続する時に、 sqlplus /nolog と打ちますよね。 あの「/nolog」って、私はず〜っと、「no log = ログファイルを作らないモードだ」と思っていました。 sqlplus user100/pass100@instance100 @%name% pretty basic stuff and it works fine, except when one of the passwords changes without me knowing. I have a .sql file, which is a bunch of oracle pl/sql commands and I want to create a shell script to run these commands.

Suppose that user/pass@server is my credentials. Unix/Linux下,shell脚本调用sqlplus的几种方式介绍: 一、最简单的shell调用sqlplus #!/bin/bash sqlplus -S /nolog > sqlplus.log <

#!/bin/bash export ORACLE_SID=hoge sqlplus /nolog <

The first line of this script is not assumed to contain a logon. etc. Use /NOLOG when you want to have a SQL*Plus script prompt for the username, password, or database specification.

connect /as sysdba.... EOF. Before issuing any SQL commands, you must issue a CONNECT command to establish a valid logon. #!/bin/bash export ORACLE_SID=hoge sqlplus /nolog < EXEC DBMS_XDB.SETLISTENERLOCALACCESS(FALSE); exit Establishes no initial connection to Oracle Database. and all of the permutations of syntax that preceed/follow.